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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is it ever profitable to not be fashionable?

I know. It's been a dogs age since I posted. There's a reason. Really. As much as I love fashion and being metro-sexual and all - I really wanted to stop looking at everything through the lens of fashion. It's so weird, but when you look at things like that for too long - you become quite an ass. Seriously. You don't mean to, but your viewpoint changes. Everything starts to get evaluated from that standpoint first. So, thus, I took a break. I could think of nothing worse than starting to sound like Joan Rivers - well - other than looking like her. Scary man, scary.

So, to answer my question, yes it can be profitable. At least if being fashionable comes with the price of starting to evaluate human beings - those I see as God's children whom are fearfully and wonderfully created - solely by the criteria of their clothes, hair, etc.

Now, the question becomes, can we still be concerned with our presentation of ourselves without becoming self absorbed. Good question. Chances are, I'll be answering it soon. That's it for now! L9r!

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