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Friday, December 02, 2005

Hey There Mr. Neck Hair Man - This Razor's for You!

Forgive the spoof on the "real men of genius" commercials but I couldn't resist. Well, maybe I could have but that isn't the purpose of the post!

Anyway, from the MetroMan, why is it so hard for guys to just do a little maintenance shave on the back of their neck between hair cuts? Man... one day I saw a guy with hair growing all the way down the back of his neck to, well, it must have been his back. Geesh! Hello! Anyone have a spare Gillette for this guy? Please?

Here's the deal guys: Girls DON'T think it's sexy. Chest hair - that's one thing. Neck hair? Ewwww!

So, get with the program, or at least get your hair cut more often!

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